Multiple Ways to Use Lovacado E.V.A (Extra Virgin Avocado) Oil

Hair Treatment
Lather-on scalp and massage before shampooing. Leave on hair overnight as weekly hair treatment. Apply after blow-drying hair to tame frizz.

Apply oil after a bath or shower and lock in moisture. Use under gloves or socks for overnight treatment of dry skin. Add to a bath for silky smooth skin.

Oil Cleanse
Massage oil on face and remove makeup with a wet warm towel. Repeat step to remove excess oil.

Shaving with oil is awesome! No nicks or cuts, and you don't have to apply moisturizers afterwards because the skin will be silky smooth. The oil is great for shaving underarms and bikini area too. 

Cuticle Care
Massage cuticles daily before going to bed to soften cuticles and nourish the nails. Apply to hands daily and notice soft smooth hands.

Holistic Moms
Prevent stretch marks by applying oil on itchy areas. Apply all over the body to maintain skin hydrated and moisturized during pregnancy and after. 

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