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Lovacado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil + Avocado Face & Body Mask (+ Birthday Giveaway #3!) - Caite from

Avocado: it's not just for eating anymore.  The same combo of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that makes avocado such a healthy food, are also wonderful used topically on both skin and hair. 

And that's where Lovacado, a Toronto company based around the humble avocado, comes in.

Lovacado believes in going back to basics and wants people to rediscover the effectiveness of simple natural ingredients.  Everything is simply formulated with minimal, high quality ingredients and is free of synthetic preservatives, additives, and colors.  Currently the line consists of two key products: Extra Virgin Avocado Oil* and an Avocado Powder Face & Body Mask*. continue reading the full review

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