Paradise Nut Oil - In-Cosmetics Global – Gold Winner - Green Ingredient Award 2020


Paradise Nut Oil - the globally recognized, award-winning green ingredient that's taking the cosmetics industry by storm. Our Paradise Nut Oil is a powerful, all-natural ingredient that's proven to deliver incredible benefits for your skin.

Paradise Nut Oil (Lecythis Minor Seed Oil) is obtained through a cold pressing process, from which this 100% natural virgin oil is extracted. Available in limited quantities due to its wild origin, it has characteristics that make it unique in its kind. 

It contains excellent antioxidant and moisturizing properties due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids higher than 70% and vitamin E.

This amazing oil forms a protective film in the epidermal layer that blocks the evaporation of moisture, which reduces the loss of Trans Epidermal Water (TEWL). Promotes and maintains lasting hydration; acting as an excellent protector of the skin, highlighting its anti-aging properties.

Clinical studies developed by Derma Consult Concept Gmbh in Bonn-Germany prove the efficacy of Paradise Nut Oil to combat wrinkles, visible sign of aging. 90% of the volunteers observed a positive effect in the reduction of wrinkles, in only 4 weeks of use. 

Use Paradise Nut Facial Oil with Lovacado's Jade Gua-Sha tool and massaging the oil with this tool will enhance the tightness of the skin. Plus, don't forget to apply Lovacado's Harmony Face Mist & Toner and it will make sure the oil penetrates deeper into the skin.